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Seva Mudran Offset Printing Press has been in business for a long time. The company functions as a turnkey provider of offset printing services with a wide list of plant and machinery

About Our Company

Seva Mudran
Printing House

Seva Mudran is one of the oldest offset printing press Kolkata.

Established in 1984 by Lt. Mr. Pradip Kumar Hazra, Seva Mudran is well-known for its bulk printing quality service and bespoke printing solutions tailored to each client’s specific needs.

The product range covers book printing in monochrome, bi-color, and four-color, book cover printing, bookbinding services, DTP composition, printing of magazines, leaflets, posters, diary, calendars, visiting cards, and annual reports.



Seva Mudran is an offset printing press founded by Lt. Mr. Pradip Kumar Hazra in 1984. We specialize in book printing, DTP composing, and Bookbinding services. Apart from that we also dabble in other printing services for magazines, leaflets, posters, diaries, calendars, etc.

Mr. Pradip Kumar Hazra was a simple man from a small village in Medinipur known as Gopalpur. Coming from a family of farmers, he was the oldest son who moved to Kolkata in his teenage years with a pocket full of dreams trying to make something of himself. In his early life, when he moved to the city of joy, he had no money hence to survive he worked in a mess as a cook to make ends meet. Later on from his friends there he got to know about the booming industry of the printing press and decided to take the plunge. With the help of a friend, he started his first letterpress known as ‘Sree Mudran’ as partners. Due to the low amount of capital, he worked day and night at his own press as a worker to cut down costs and establish the firm. Eventually, with his determination and work ethic, he was able to make Sree Mudran a profitable business and acquired sole proprietorship of the company by buying all his partner’s shares. This was the most defining moment of his life. Mr. Hazra then started to pave his own way. After a few months, he established ‘Sree Mudran’ at Shibnarayan Das lane as his primary office. With the aid of his working ability and growing reputation at the heart of Kolkata, he started working for government organizations which included confidential government jobs like printing test papers, question papers, and mark sheets.

Mr. Pradip Kumar Hazra was a man made of steel. He faced many rejections in his life but with his sheer force of perseverance and the hunger to make a place for himself in this world he started to analyze markets and came to know about the shift in market dynamics from letterpress to offset printing presses. This led to him investing all his hard-earned money and establishing ‘Seva Mudran’ as we know it today in the heart of north Kolkata at Girish Park. Thus began the journey of Seva Mudran which is still proudly functioning today.

Mr. Pradip Kumar Hazra

Founder, Seva Mudran

Our Clients

Seva Mudran stands firm in the list of the top printing presses in Kolkata. We aspire to create a lasting impression and goodwill among our clientele by making their printing needs affordable and up-to-the-mark and render them amazed each time they avail our services.

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