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Printing Options and Techniques

The ongoing scenario of the world is such that Facebook is more loved than books, so it is very obvious that the business of printing is facing tough competition with social media and digital marketing. Still business of printing has not become oblivious, wondering why? Because printing has so much more to offer that the digital world is still to cover. Besides such an earth-shattering job of Gutenberg can never be replaced, no matter how progressive we become. So let’s take a look at how your favourite books, newspapers and all other printing documents get printed. Different techniques are used in the world of the printing business such as

  • Offset Lithography: This process needs a flat surface on which the printing plate will be placed. We will also be in need of ink and water to apply on the image on the printing plate and then chemicals are applied so that only the fonts, images, shapes and colours will accept the ink.
  • Digital Printing: In the age of digitalisation, digital printing undoubtedly embosses its footprint. Digital printing does not need age-old inks to get your job done rather it uses powdered toner which helps you to get your paper from PDF to print in a sway. Moreover, it is also perfect for smaller quantities and does not need much set-up cost or minimum quantity. For customised for personalised marketing, this is one of the best options available at our hands.
  • Screen printing: This process is generally used when you have fabric, wood, glass items to get printed. This printing process has been in use since the early twentieth century. One needs to push ink through the mesh onto the printing material.
  • Flexography: This type of printing process is much needed when you use it for product packaging. Plastic or rubber printing plates are used that are comfortable on plastics, foil papers, brown papers and so on. The daily essentials such as milk cartons, candy wrappers, plastic cups, plastic bags and even labels, newspapers and envelopes are being made using the process called flexography printing method.
  • 3D printing: It’s obvious that all of us have heard of a 3D film but a 3D printing? Yes! That too exists and is very much in the hype. They are most commonly used for marketing and promotions, toy figurines and so on. This printing technique is a great way to attract your customer since it’s very unique and catchy. This is acquired by using 3D models and electronic sources.

Apart from all these techniques, there is a thing called print management solution that helps you to achieve your targeted efficacy neatly as well as easily. Now, in print management solution one uses different software to manage the efficiency and productivity of printing machines with real-time monitoring. It is useful to small as well as large companies, schools, non-profit organisations and other institutions. It helps in the following ways —-

It cuts down printing costs by implementing a particular strategy that is beneficial for achieving both efficacy and improved outcomes.

It ensures that printing and imaging devices are used in the best way for your business and company.

Last but not least it slows down device downtime and increases employee’s productivity.

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