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Why Books are preferred more to E-Books?

It is an age-old enunciation that Books are man’s best friend as they silently hold your hands and guide you through thick and thin. Books are something that we are aware of from a tender age as we step into the world of academics but now it has got a tough competitor in the name of E-books. There is always a question of whether in the near future e-books can take over the market of hardcover books. The answer can vary from person to person but still, people think that physical books stand a step forward in this case. Wondering why? Let’s jot down the reasons for loving hardcover books a little more than e-books——-

First of all, e-books are harmful to the eyes as they give strain to our eyes. Now people can argue that there are reading modes, special glasses available to combat that problem but still one cannot deny the fact that your eyes are absolutely safe after taking all these precautions. But regular books have no such hassle to deal with.

When you are getting prepared for something be it your exam, interview or any research work; you can have five books opened before you to work as a reference but in e-books that is a real problem to have five different books altogether at the same time.

E-books do have options of bookmarks but they are not the same as in physical books. In physical books, one can flip back and forth without losing your present page but in e-books, it can be a very messy and tiresome job to do so.

Physical books can be very cheaper as there are something called used book markets where you can also buy used ones and sell the read ones. Apart from that, there is always a chance of bargaining when you visit any market. But e-books are sold at a fixed price and sometimes some contents are found for free or there are always the hassles of subscriptions or sign-ups.

Hard books can be used for taking notes. There are many people who love to take notes while reading books or highlight particular quotes or lines. In e-books, you may have a chance to highlight lines sometimes but you cannot have small notes on the margins of the books.

Books bring a feel with them. Books have their own smell, texture, appearance, weight and moreover beauty which you surely miss when you purchase an e-book.

It is said when you hold a book and read it has got some connection with your mind and soul which the e-book cannot. You feel closer to the characters and their emotion when you hold them in your hands.

You can never be solely dependent on e-books as there are chances of power cuts, poor internet connection or no internet at all and sometimes drainage of battery. But you skip all these if you have a real book in your hands.

Books hold culture, a trait for each region or we can say it holds a legacy that an e-book can never achieve.

When you are halfway through your physical book, you can feel how much is left to complete. So in short you can count your progress in physical books.

Last but not least, in this age of rat race we are continuously exposed to different devices and this is really monotonous for our mind and body and reading an e-book can just add on more weariness, making it dull and tiresome. But physical books hold their own smell, bindings, fonts and beautiful decorative covers to allure you to spend some time with them holding your favourite cup of tea or coffee.

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